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Custom Modular Homes and Additions                          Modular  Construction and Design Services  

Buying and building a new home is an exciting event. The new designs, features and construction techniques of modular construction make for some rather spectacular homes. At Schumacher Construction we use the popular modular construction method to create new homes for our customers. The benefits for us are simply we can control the quality of the job much better, provide a higher quality product and do not have to deal with the high cost of weather related issues.

The benefits for our customers goes well beyond that.

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Modular Home Features

Let us design and build your home to maximize the beautiful views we enjoy in the Berkshires.

Custom Home Designs

Modular construction has proven to be a popular method of building, especially when you want the most house for your money and want your home finished in a reasonable amount of time. Modular homes are being built throughout New England. Luxury mansions in Greenwich and Stamford to a cozy cape cod style home in Lee and Egremont are all part of the product line and system built industry. The popularity of modular construction really starts with the price of the home. Having a price that fits your budget and then having that price be just that, the price you pay, makes for a successful building project. Large and small developers have moved to modular construction for this very reason. They do not want "cost creep" to erode their profits just as you do not want your home budget to be smaller because the cost of your new home could not be controlled by using other building methods.

Capes, ranches and of course our famous colonials are all available for your choosing at Schumacher Construction

Each home we build is personalized for our customers. Even if starting with a standard plan we encourage our customers to study the plan and let us know what changes they would like to make this a terrific home for them. You may want a larger master bedroom walk in closet, a custom shower, a quest room with it's own bath. Your possibilities are almost endless.

At Schumacher Construction we use a higher standard specification for our customer's homes. This enables us to provide a high quality home for less money because we save time and do not have to make product corrections to deliver what we contract for. Simply, we do it right the first time, saving you money and certainly time.

A starter cape, accessible ranch home, or a spacious luxury mansion can all be designed and built within the modular building system. We  specialize in accessible home design and custom colonial, ranch style and cape cod style homes. We also offer a design service for those customers that have a plan they fell in love with but insist on building it with the systems built quality of modular construction.



A concept becomes a reality for our customers.

Custom home features make each home unique to our customers wishes.

"Yes, We can build one for you!"

Ken Schumacher

Schumacher Construction Co.Inc.

It's the detail that makes the home!

Schumacher custom design services enable any home dream to become a reality.

Colonial homes, cape cod style homes, ranches and of course accessible homes are all popular today. We are also seeing an increase in existing home modular additions and in-law apartments as a home addition or new home plan feature.

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